Going to Bangkok

Early enough that I consider it still the evening before, we crawl out of bed and head to Vancouver airport. Too tired to be excited we drag out butts through security and board our first of three flights for the day, our final destination being Thailand.  

First flight was to Seattle and because of the 40 minute duration I hadnt even put a thought towards it (with a 10 and 6 hour flight following I barely considered this part of our travels). Due to the short flight we were on a propeller plane and as much as I love to travel Im still (secretly) afraid of flying – especially propeller planes. As we reached Seattle the pilot informed us that there was such a dense fog in the area that we might have to turn back! We circled Seattle for 30 minutes before they decided it was alright to land. Kudos to the pilot because it was still damn foggy when we landed.

View from above Seattle

  After a quick stop in Seattle we boarded a very large plane, and suffered through 10 hours of awful airplane food and stale recycled air (told you I didn’t like flying). We were rewarded for our patience though when we reached our next stop in Tokyo, where strange vending machines and adorable Japanese girls distracted us from our exhaustion. Since it was my first time being in Japan, I just had to try some sushi! I dont eat fish but my god, it was seriously the best cuccumber and avocodo sushi I’ve ever had.  


Our final flight was 6 hours and we managed to pass most of the time with neck kinking slumber. Once we arrived in Bangkok we made our way through baggage claim and customs, and were greeted by a confusing crowd of hotel staff and taxi drivers. Eventually we found our ride, and were taken to our first Thai hotel. It was near the airport (due to a midnight arrival) and we found sleep quickly. The next morning we were greeted by our balcony view of shantis and endless lush tropical green, as well as an immidiate full body ‘shimmer’.  


Let the adventure begin….


7 thoughts on “Going to Bangkok

  1. Hi Renee! Your mom told me about your travels so I’ve checked out your blog from the beginning. Loved the Australia videos and now I’m following your travels in Thailand and beyond! Living vicariously through you, lol.

    1. Hey Bev, thanks for the comment, I’m so glad your coming along! I have about 40 more videos on youtube.com/planetrenee from Australia as well!
      I’m happy to share the adventure, we have just over 3 more months left. Thanks again, take care!

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