Bangkok Bustle

During the taxi ride from our airport hotel to central Bangkok (which was our first rip off/over charge – how cute) we starred wide eyed at the gorgeous and new landscapes and sights. Cringing in the back seat as motorcyles dodge in and out of traffic making their own lanes between cars, and infamous tuk tuks speed by with noisey engines.



We step out of the cab and pause for a moment to soak in the hustle bustle of the busy street/sidewalk.  We plan to spend a few nights here, near the backpacker ghetto Khaosan road (well known for its busy nightlife, and cram packed day markets). We seek out our first nights accomadation (we only had to ask directions twice) and drop off our bags in our room, taking more than just a few moments to enjoy the heavenly air conditioning. Now its time to explore!

The area surrounding our guesthouse (like a hostel but private rooms) is busy with food stands, merchants, stray animals, and within walking distance to Khaosan Road. We spend most of the day shopping around, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the incredable prices and new and exotic foods ($1 meals and $3 tshirts…like I said ooh and ahhh).



Jetleg takes a slight grip on my appitite and energy levels so we took it pretty easy the first day. Mostly we did a lot of wandering, a little bartering, and plenty of crowd navigating. In efforts to really eliminate the effects of jetleg, we got massages in the street. For around $7 we were treated to an hour long foot, head, shoulder, and back massage. It’s amazing how easy it is to ignore the bustle that’s literally right at your feet, when theres a friendly Thai lady abusing your neck muscles.



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