Chinatown in Bangkok

Our second day in Bangkok we decided to venture a little further than just around the backpackers area.

We walked down to the Mae Nam Chao Phraya (the river that runs through Bangkok), and strolled along until we found a boat dock, our plan for the day being to take a ride down the river to check out Bangkok’s Chinatown. The large boat pulled up and there was a rushed chaos as passengers jumped off as well as boarded, in a time span of around 30 seconds (I swear the boat barely even touched the dock!). We found a seat near the front of the boat and settled in for our 20 minute cruise to Chinatown. Along the way were many temples, the grand palace (from behind), and a variety of other beautiful sights. There were a few stops on the way to our destination and when the boat momentarely docked we could see catfish in the shallower water.





When we arrived in Chinatown we had about half of a block of normality before we were engulfed in the most visually stimulating, chaotic, and tightly packed surrounding. We wandered around in awe of the insane amount of trinkets, knick knacks, gadgets, and knock offs. Off the main street were small crowded alley ways with floor to ceiling merchandise. There were stalls with spices that invaded your nostrels as you walked by and noodle stands crammed onto every corner. It was dizzying and thrilling, but you had to pay attention becuase moterbikes would zip at shocking speeds through these narrow and crammed roads.




After about an hour of sensory rocking we made our way back to the dock (I’ll admit I would still be lost in Chinatown without Alistair’s exceptional navigational skills) and enjoyed our ride back to home sweet home; backpacker’s ghetto.


6 thoughts on “Chinatown in Bangkok

    1. After a few weeks, it turns out we unintentionally take turns being the GPS! It’s kind of funny, in one massive market Alistair is completely lost and I’m fully orientated, then the next town I’m hopelessly lost and he knows the way home…teamwork!

  1. Great photos, Renee….brings back fond memories of another lifetime ago for me. Obviously you guys are having a blast!


    1. Hey Vicki (and Brad and Fin), thanks for the comment! And don’t worry about not scheduling a bon voyage dinner, a welcome home dinner will be just great (and probably well needed since we will be broke haha)
      Take care!

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