Cambodia bound

After a few days in Bangkok, we head east to explore Cambodia, our first stop Seim Reap (which includes a visit to world famous temples of Angkor Wat!).

Fisrt step is to get to the border, we seek out a mimibus staion in a non-english speaking part of town (I can not stress enough the kindness of Thai people – when asking directions strangers would flock to assist us even if they couldn’t understand what we needed). The minibus drops us off at the Thai side of the border where we were bombarded with scammers and tricksters, swearing that we needed to obtain our visas from them. Even after being warned of these touts, they still had us momentarily consider it, thankfully we were smart enough to carry on without their help. We waited in 3 excrusiatingly hot and long line ups to leave thailand, obtain our (real) visas, than enter Cambodia.

A few hour bus ride to Siem Reap later we meet our first Cambodian (Khmer) friend, Pow the legend man/ our tuk tuk driver. We hadn’t made plans for the evenings accomadation (rookie mistake) and Pow zipped us around in his tuk tuk while calling various accomidations to find us a place for the night. I’m not going to say there are no road rules here but… lets just say they are very very slack rules. For example to make a left turn, he would turn onto the far left lane (oncoming traffic) and honk his horn for the vehicles to get out of the way, or pulling into a busy street is as easy as laying on the horn and going for it. It was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time, but he safely got us to our accomidation.


After settling in we visited the night market (most of the city becomes a night market in the evening), then ate $1 noodles overlooking Seim Reap River and had a few beers on busy Pub street. All in all it was an exciting and exhausting day, that happened to be our 3 year anniversary (I did all this with a rose sticking out of my backpack).






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