Tastebud travels – Bangkok

One great thing about travelling is getting to experience local foods and flavours. Thai food can be found in most places in the world but I was really excited to try authentic Thai food. Apart from Pad Thai (which we tried and it beat any ketchupy version we’ve had at home) here are a few interestig edibles Ive come across in Bangkok.

You can’t beat street food. Near our guesthouse was a colourful street full of vendors and permanent food carts, my favorite being Mr Vims Vegitarian (the green curry was to die for). What’s better than great food? Great food at a cheap price! Often our meals were $1 to $2 from a street vendor, so we didnt really eat anywhere else. My favourite meal was from a young man with a mobile Pad Thai cart, you got to choose your noodle type and he fried everythig right there in front of you. Amazing.




There are various juice and fruit stands (the oranges are smaller and sweeter but freshly squeezed) and at night when the wilder (aka drunk) tourists comeout, so do the weird treats. We passed a man selling scorpions on a stick, I wanted to try one for the photo op, but got squimish just taking the picture (maybe I’ll work up to it).



7-11s are on every corner in Bangkok (if not more), and they provide temporary comfort with their air conditioning. This is where you can buy your large bottles of drinking water, as well as the usual conveinience store items such as minced crab buns, spicy squid jerky and kit-kat bars.




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