Mui Ne – Beautiful beach town

From the busy city of Ho Chi Minh we needed a drastic and relaxing change, so we headed straight for the sleepy beach town of Mui Ne located a few hours up the coast. It was great to see the ocean again but it looked a little different than the tranquil beaches of Rabbit Island… the waves here were enormous and peppered in kite surfers!


Mui Ne is a small town along Vietnam’s southern coast with a surfer vibe and apparently a haven for Russian tourists. Many signs were in Russian and all restaurants had an English or Russian option for their menus. I don’t blame them for flocking here though, the beautiful beaches, warm waters, and relaxing atmosphere is enough to convince me to stay a few nights. The main street is along the water, one side lined with fancy resorts and the other with a variety of tasty restaurants and cheaper guesthouses (one of which we called home). On the far side of town are fish markets, with tank after tank of everything you could ever want – or not want – to eat; fish, eels, squid, frog, turtles, lobsters, and crabs.



Since we aren’t big into seafood the biggest appeal here was the beach. Huge waves crashing onto the beach brightens up our faces like children in a candy shop. We drop our bags off at a palm frawned hut and are immidiately under attack of the wind whiped sand, like millions of needles on our legs. We quicken our pace to the safety of the water, and start a whole new war with the waves.


My first concern was the hundreds of kite surfers zipping around, but trusted that they knew what they were doing and wouldn’t run over our bobbing heads. Only a few feet deep into the water and I could barely keep my footing, the powerful waves pushing me back to the shore where I belong. I battled hard to make it deep enough to swim, either ducking under the powerful waves (cheeks and hair flapping in the rushing water) or tried unsuccessfully to jump over them (resulting in a loss of about 15 feet of my advancement and nearly my swimsuit).  It was a lot of fun but after about 30 minutes I couldn’t take any more; exhausted, a littled nauseous and dizzy I stumbled back to the beach to take photos of Alistair fighting the waves.




Next stop is the chilly mountain town of Dalat, I’m looking forwards to a few days of not sweating constantly!


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