Dalat – Cool mountain town

It’s been week after week of scorching hot and humid tempuratures throughout Cambodia and Vietnam, so as we make our way up the coast of Vietnam we stray inland a little to the cool mountain town of Dalat.

A long winding road through valleys and mountains brings us to the quaint city, where we immidiately feel the difference in air tempurature and are relived to feel the sensation of goosebumps again. The entire city has a very french ambiance including a mini Eiffel tower, plenty of cozy coffee shops and hilly winding streets. While Vietnam was under French colonial rule, the French elite established this city as a retreat to escape the heat and humidity of Saigon and the surrounding coastal towns.



To stretch our legs after the bus ride we take a leisurely stroll around Xuan Huong lake, a man made lake near our guesthouse, and sip our tea/coffee that like everything else in Vietnam is served in a bag (we either refuse or reuse these bags numerous times). The lake is around 5 or 6 km around and we encounter locals partaking in various activities such as jogging, cycling, fishing and loitering (mostly teenagers loitering). Small swan peddle boats and horse drawn carriges are availables to rent but we prefer to walk, allowing more time to take in the scenery and less money spent.



We also took a stroll to very commercialized Cam Ly falls, which were probably more exciting during the wetter months of the year!


The daytime weather is warm enough for t-shirts, but as soon as the sun goes down we are layering on every thing we have in our backpacks to keep from shivering as we wander the streets for evening meals and drinks. Its a nice change to feel cold, but my feet froze in my thin socks and I was already craving the tropical heat we came from Canada to enjoy…back to the coast we go!


2 thoughts on “Dalat – Cool mountain town

  1. Never thought it would be that cold! Happy (now belated) birthday to Alistair! Hope it was one of the best, old geezer;) lots of love from all of us!

    1. Thanks Melissa and gang! Had a great day on a moto tour and spent my birthday weekend on a 2 day boat cruise in Halong Bay, it was amazing, and expensive, but totally worth it. – Alistair

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