Krabi – port town

After relaxing on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand we made our way over to check out some of the islands on the west side of Thailand’s southern peninsula (what can I say, we are beach bums at heart). On the way to Koh Phi Phi we spent a few evenings in the small town of Krabi where we took a few days off  from sand and sun and enjoyed the cozy little town.


Krabi town is a main hub for the nearby islands of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. The town is small and packed full of guesthouses and travel agencies all able to provide further transportation to the hotspots east and west of the town. Jagged mountains and a mangrove lined river provide the backdrop for this quaint town that is a short drive from the ocean.

Our days were spent shopping, wandering markets, and being lazy, followed by dinner at the night market where we could score two plates of pad thai, a drink, and two desserts all for about five dollars.




There were other activities surrounding Krabi, like temples and sightseeing tours, but we opted to save our money for diving and the higher accommodation prices of Koh Phi Phi. Our few days here were enjoyed yet relatively uneventful – which can be a nice change.


2 thoughts on “Krabi – port town

    1. Hey Derek,

      We did see the eagle statue but only had one day in Krabi and so did not make it further than the town center. Thanks for the comment though, next time we will stay longer and venture further!

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