Sloquet hot springs and camping

Deep in the woods outside of Pemberton is a campsite with natural hot spring pools, a site that accommodates the varying needs of all-night partiers, early rising nudists, and relaxation seekers alike.

Sloquet hot springs range from warm to very hot

Pemberton is about two hours north of Vancouver, and another hour or so further up a gravel dirt road will take you out of cell service and into Sloquet hot springs. The drive to the campsite itself is worth the time, the winding road is sandwiched between lush forest and a long shimmering turquoise lake, although the last leg of the journey consists of mostly potholes.

The last leg of the road to the campsite consists of gravel, potholes, and inclines
One of the many picnic and camping sites that are on the way to Sloquet hot springs
Driftwood cabin
A cemetery that is on the way to the hot springs

The forest here is thick with ferns and fuzzy green moss. The ground surrounding the camp is a maze of twisting tree roots, rocks, and fallen logs. The campsite has expanded in the last few years, from a cozy cul de sac of sites to an extended road with additional sites. This mostly eliminates the chance of driving all day to arrive at a full campsite, but also potentially results in hot springs body capacity, which really just takes away from the serenity of the experience.

The camp site is minimal and lush with ferns and moss
Bagels on the fire for breakfast
Do not go inside this outhouse under any circumstance. Seriously.
Dogs complete camping
A little mood lighting at the camp site

The hot spring is located ten minutes from the campsite, down a steep rocky path and make shift log-bridge and leads down to a series of small pools that gently cascade into a glacier fed rushing river. Each pool varies slightly in temperature, the top pools are fed from the underground spring and a waterfall that is too hot to touch, unless you are insane. The larger middle pools are the perfect bath water temperature, and the pools near the river can be warm to hot. The springs do have a sulfur smell to them, but it is forgotten shortly after you hang your clothing on the small wooden hut and dip into the warm pools of water warmed by the earth.

The path from the camp sites to the hot springs
Log ‘bridge’ leading to the hot springs
The changing hut and the hottest pool, it looks refreshing but I couldn’t stay longer than a minute
The largest and perfect temperature pool
Boiling hot waterfall
Glacier fed river right next to the hot springs, great for cooling down

The hot springs are beautiful during the day, but are magical at night. The bumpy rock wall behind the main pools of the hot springs are perfectly shaped to hold dozens of tea lights. The gentle orange glow of candles and the nearby rushing river sooth the soul while the hot springs sooth the muscles. That is, assuming there aren’t dozens of other intoxicated bodies also being soothed in the warm pools. The increasing popularity of the campsite means that most long weekends or warm spring and summer weekends there will be countless campers crowding the hot springs to party. During the early spring and late fall the hot springs and campsite are usually less busy, and while it’s colder outside it makes the hot springs that much more rewarding to soak in.

The hot springs at night
Tea lights sparkle along the rock wall, behind a swing that is no longer there

The hot springs are considered a native spiritual zone as well as frequented by spiritual and religious groups and nudists looking to enjoy the all-natural hot springs the all-natural way. This wonderful gem may lose its quaint personality with its growing popularity but will still continue to be one of my favourite places to spend a weekend camping.

Till next time Sloquet hot springs!

4 thoughts on “Sloquet hot springs and camping

  1. Great blog on the hot springs – wow can’t wait to go and experience them. But will wait till not too busy. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more local info.

  2. Great blog. I can’t wait to go visit the hot spring and have my camping experience now that you have shown it here. But I will wait till the less busy time so I can really enjoy it. Looking forward to more local entries.

  3. On my last trip to sloquet springs I got 3 flat tires. This road is a 2 spare tire min! Make sure you come prepared. I wish I had some way to say thank you to Daniel who literally saved us the night we got our 3 rd flat. If not for him we would have been stuck in the bush for the night. Daniel I dont know how you found us a tire in the middle of the night but you were an angel! Not one days has gone by that I think about your kind act. I hope one day to meet you again to thank you in person 🙂 it was an honor to meet such a kind person. I wish you all the best and I will be looking for you when I return there next year 🙂 Thank you Vicky & Tarek

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