Honda Celebration of Lights – fireworks on the beach

Summer in Vancouver is great for many reasons, including a few nights when fireworks explode at the beach and streets are packed with pedestrians. The Honda Celebration of Light is an annual competition between three varying countries, with each country receiving it’s own night to display around 30 minutes of fireworks in every colour and shape.

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Over the years I have seen fireworks shaped like happy faces and hearts, and even ones that defy gravity by falling like a shooting star then flying up for another slow sparky fall. Each show is coordinated to music which you can play on a designated radio station.

The barge that the fireworks are launched from is in English Bay, and the beaches and surrounding neighborhoods fill up with spectators. Once the show is over the West End floods with people making their way home. The area is blocked off from traffic and so the streets are free to walk, or in our case, bike right down the middle of the road (which I make a point of doing every year).

Before the show: The bay is filling up with all sizes of boats- from kayaks to yachts.
After the show: Pacific street looks like a zombie apocalypse as spectators make their way home.








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