Splashdown Waterpark – water slides for miles

There’s nothing more thrilling during the summer than hurling yourself down a long dark tube into cold water, repeatedly. Splashdown Water Park provides a variety of tubes to hurl yourself down, from mild slopes to get-some-air water slides, and is near the B.C. ferry terminal in Tsawwassen.

The tangle of advanced slides

Aside from the water slides there isn’t much for swimming pools, but the handful of slides are more than enough to fill a day with squealing down waterfalls and waiting in line to do it again.

My favourite water slide was the River Run, which is a wide tube ride that accommodates groups of four or five. The slide is slow and gentle with bursts of small steep water falls. Being in a group is what makes this the best ride through, just hanging out on tubes and floating down the ‘river’.

Getting ready to go down the River Run
The River Run is my favourite slide because you can go down in a group
An expert level water slider is in position to spin down the next waterfall.
Just about to tip over the edge, going down backwards is terrifying.
River Run wipeout

From the top of the River Run you can see the Black Hole and the Bonsai Blue-line, two daunting slides that twist and tangle together. As you fly through on your inflatable tube in the Black Hole, the turns and drops take you by surprise in the darkness and there may or may not have been screaming during my ride through the dark tunnel . The Bonsai Blue-line isn’t entirely dark and has lighter spots that create a ‘flying through the stars’ feeling.

Entering the Bonsai Blue line slide, which is very dark inside.
From inside the very dark Blackhole water slide (with flash)
From inside the very dark Blackhole water slide (with flash)
The speckles of light that shine through on the Bonsai Blueline slide look like stars
The Blackhole and the Bonsai Blueline also have double tubes, to have someone to scream with

Not all slides use a tube, there are also a set of tall water slides that you go down on your back, or your shoulder blades if you really want to fly. These are considered the advanced slides, and with names like Corkscrew, Oliver Twist, Whipper Snapper, and Kamikazi, you can imagine why.

The stairs to the advanced slides
High speeds on the advanced slides can be achieved by sliding down on your shoulder blades

There are also slides and water ramps that are built for younger guests, and even a toddler’s tiny slide area. The smaller slides are great for racing a friend if there are no line ups, but if it’s summer and sunny the park will probably be busy with young families.

The water ramp can be leisurely, or can be used to spin or roll
These smaller slides are great for racing if there are no line ups

The park in entirety is pretty small, but there is sufficient space for a grassy area with BBQs and tables. There is also a concession and seating area with tables and chairs, and all the basic amenities.

The picnic and BBQ area
Lines for slides are just part of the experience I guess










If you are going to spend the majority of the day at Splashdown I recommend that you bring a refillable water bottle for the fountain, wear sun screen, and order pizza from Panago because they deliver (you heard right.)

Mermaids unite, and go water sliding




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